Monday, November 2, 2009

It's about time steph!!!

Ok Amanda here you go!! I am officially starting my blog! After months and months of peer pressure and Amanda actually setting up the site for me I guess I should join the blogging world. Amanda decided on Steph's Story Time because I am a nanny and am constantly surrounded by children. You will see this as my posts come in. My life isn't very interesting and I don't have a cute little family of my own to blog about but I will promise to update on my latest single life adventures!! This should be interesting for some of you :) ha Well this is just a small post to start off with but I will add more to the site as soon as I get 2 seconds of time that isn't spent at school or work. PS. I am a HORRIBLE writer and I cant spell worth beans so pardon my grammatical errors and misspellings.No worries, I am go to collage so hopefully I will only get better as the days go on! LOT'S more to come peeps! Stay tuned!! - Steph


Manda said...

I am soooo proud of you! ha ha Keep posting :)

Lindsey said...

YaY! I am excited you are going to start blogging. It will be good to see how you are doing. But hey I am a horrible blogger too and never update. I keep telling myself I'll be better. Can't wait for the Christmas party!